Why Stacey chose to study Criminology at BCU

Being a mature student, Stacey was apprehensive about starting university. However, once she visited BCU's campus, she knew that it was the right place for her to pursue her dreams. 

"I've always been interested in true crime, criminal behaviour, prisons, law, and most crime-related things. However, being a mother of three in my thirties, I thought I wouldn't have the chance to pursue my dreams.

"When the pandemic hit, I was working in the NHS and supported my colleagues on the frontlines in what felt like the most challenging year we had all faced, which made me re-evaluate everything. I soon realised that life was too short, and it was time to start working on my own goals. So, I applied to study criminology at uni. I was lucky enough to visit each university and participate in some trial lectures online, which helped make the decision easier.

"I remember taking part in the psychology and criminology sessions as I was torn between the two subjects. Although I was interested in how the mind worked, my main interest were homicide, prisons, and criminal justice, which the criminology modules seemed to cover.

"The BCU taster session explained geographical profiling and gave realistic examples of how this was used in a famous serial case; therefore, I was instantly interested. Not only was the session factual, but it was also very engaging. It felt like I was watching a true-crime documentary, as it was led by one of the UK's leading criminologists.

"For any true crime fan, watching the latest crime show is just like a hobby; it's enjoyable, easy to watch and makes you want to know more. The taster session was like this, which helped make BCU my first choice.

"Once I visited the campus, I knew that this was the right university for me. Not only was everyone so welcoming and helpful, but the facilities were incredible, and the Curzon Building had such a good feeling about it. I also learned about the fantastic links that BCU has with the local police, volunteering, and charity organisations that offer invaluable work experiences during the course. I look forward to benefiting from these later in my degree.

"Having just completed my first semester, I can honestly say I made the right decision! I was apprehensive about starting uni as a mature student, but everyone has been so supportive! Although the initial adjustment may seem overwhelming, I felt like I'd adjusted to uni life after a couple of weeks, and I am still loving every minute of the adventure!

"I have especially enjoyed the seminars. They have sparked interesting debates on key criminological issues and helped apply them to real-world situations. I also joined the criminology society to meet people with similar interests and hopefully visit an ex-working prison to hear real-life accounts from ex-guards.

"My tip for starting uni is to check out the fresher's fair during the welcome week! It's a great way to meet new people, find out about all the different societies and what Birmingham has to offer - plus get a few freebies!"

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