Why Alex chose to study social sciences at BCU

Student ambassador Alex discusses why he chose to study social sciences at Birmingham City University.

"Hello, it's Alex here. While at Birmingham City University (BCU), I have completed two degrees - BA (Hons) Sociology and Criminology and MA Criminology. However, I am going on to start my PhD in social sciences.

"During my degrees, I learnt new methods to improve my education, and more broadly, my life. However, one thing that I wish I knew before is how to use each day to my advantage. Whether that be to enhance university work, such as adding to my essays or self-progressive tasks such as meditation.

"Studying social sciences at BCU has allowed my incredibly passionate social sciences brain to integrate criminology with such areas as policing, law, and centrally with sociology. BCU also has fantastic lecturers who have outstanding knowledge in various topics.

"I've had loads of opportunities for paid work during my time here. These have included working as a tour guide, student support for their application process; being part of BCU’s Clearing process; being an ambassador on open days both in person and digitally (via social media), and having the niche opportunity of being a researcher.

"My overall experience at BCU has been fantastic. When starting university, I was filled with nerves but also excitement. However, as soon as I began at BCU, I felt confident and comfortable in the BCU community.

"BCU has provided me with some incredible opportunities to contribute to discussions on anorexia and modelling for projects like the Clearing campaign, where I was personally selected to be interviewed by BBC News. These opportunities have made me more confident and self-assured.

"My advice for those who want to come to BCU is to make sure you are excited to start the course you have chosen. Investigate theories and concepts which intrigue you, as you’ll then remember these more easily. Secondly, be ready to get treated fairly by staff at BCU - something that I know is not usual during school and college. And lastly, make sure to enjoy yourself; ask comfortable and uncomfortable questions to lecturers; and if needed, we have fantastic support services- please take advantage of these!"

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