Five reasons to study a Sociology degree

You may be asking yourself, "Why should I study a Sociology degree?". Here's an introduction to the subject, and five reasons why we think you should consider it.

Sociology is the study of human behaviour and society – how it works, why it works, and how it could change. It’s a fascinating subject that covers all aspects of modern life on the planet. As a sociologist, you will look into social patterns, relationships, inequalities, and developments over time. 

It's an exciting and vast area of study

Studying sociology goes beyond just reading about it, you will also be actively engaging in sociological practices. Sociology at BCU allows you to challenge conventional social norms and then apply this newfound understanding to your personal life encounters.  

With sociology containing diverse topics, such as crime, culture, media, politics and identity, you’ll have plenty of career options and transferrable skills. Such an extensive background means you can apply for job roles across several industries. You may be investigating themes like Crime and Punishment, Media and Popular Culture, Racism and Equality and Identity and Black Arts Movement - to name a few. 

Learn about different points of view 

Sociology has always been a degree with a very diverse studentship. Having so many different life experiences in one place means that you are introduced to a range of ways of thinking. After all, Sociology is about looking at the world in different ways – and your classmates can help to illustrate this better than anything.  

Your course will allow you to examine patterns and processes of inequality and the structure and dynamics of social hierarchies and power relations. You’ll be investigating why and how people shape their identities and the tensions and conflicts that these processes create.

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Sociology at BCU

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Hands-on placements

BCU has links with local, public and third-sector organisations that will help you make professional contacts and obtain voluntary work or placements, meaning you’ll be putting your skills into practice as you go along! 

You can make a difference in the real world and go on placements in organisations such as the NHS, West Midlands Police, HM Prisons and Probation Services, Citizens Advice, local schools and youth mentoring services. Take a look at what it's like on placement. 

Employability and professional skills are embedded throughout the programme, including communication, research and time management.

Rewarding careers

Sociology can be a very rewarding career. You can use your knowledge and understanding to tackle social issues and improve the quality of life for individuals.  

Sociology is an adaptable area of study as you can combine it with two other subject areas – Criminology and Psychology. On a Sociology and Criminology pathway, you not only study society, but also crime and how the two are universally linked. Psychology and Sociology on the other hand looks to deeply explore why society is the way it is by examining the human psyche. 

It's also a versatile subject area, with many of our graduates going on to work in many roles such as support workers, research consultants, teachers, and marketers at places such as Ipsos, National Grid, Catch22 and St Mary’s Hospice.

Sociology is ever-changing

Sociology isn’t a subject rooted in the past. It is always adapting to suit the society it is trying to study. That is why we were so proud to be the first university in Europe to offer a BA (Hons) degree in Black Studies. Already a well-established subject in America, BCU now also explores this very important subject in modern society. 

As the world becomes more accepting of minorities and sub-cultures, sociology will continue to adapt, creating new degrees that aim to increase our understanding of the world we live in.

Have you ever wondered how the world works? There are so many challenges that affect the world socially, ranging from issues of class, poverty, gender and race.

Sociology is the study of society and human behaviour. So as a sociology student, you get to question all kinds of beliefs about society. Why are there social conflicts and problems on a global scale? Why is there a gender pay gap? What are the root causes of deprivation? Why are certain groups of people more likely to suffer from marginalisation, exploitation or oppression?

Sociological thinkers have asked these questions and tried to answer them. From the subject's origins to the present day. This thought has informed social movements and activism around the globe, from environmental campaigns to anti-capitalist, black activist and women's movements.

There are many different explanations of the nature of social problems and their causes and differing solutions to these problems caused by the imbalance of power. Rival academic schools of thought and social movements compete with one another to provide the answer. Sociological inquiry opens your mind to these problems and to all sorts of possible solutions to them. What do you think the answer is? Why do you think these problems exist in the first place?

You would be equipped to answer questions, to understand reality for yourself and ask why you will get the big picture. At Birmingham City School of Social Sciences. You get the power to think for yourself and make your sociology degree what you want it to be. So how will you change society? Join us on our mission to make sense of the world.

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