Careers you can do with a criminology degree

Are you wondering what jobs are out there for you when you graduate?

Knowing what career you could go into could be a great motivational tool during your studies. So, what type of job can a criminology student consider applying for when they graduate?


The police force in the UK and abroad is a great natural fit for those with a background in the study of crime. Close working relationships with local police forces such as West Midlands Police, or bespoke courses such as our Policing degree, can both facilitate a smooth transition into either frontline or behind the scenes roles.

Rehabilitation worker

On the other end of the justice process, job roles focussed on the rehabilitation of criminals into reformed, functional members of society are also becoming more common. This sort of care can help criminals avoid reoffending and starting the damaging cycle of crime all over again.

Someone with an academic understanding of criminal behaviour can really help in these roles, helping everyone to understand why people commit crime, and how people can take steps to prevent slipping back into bad habits once they are released from prison. It is a very fulfilling line of work, and one which can enable you to feel like you’re making a significant difference to society - a common characteristic of careers for social sciences graduates.


Those working in security roles can find themselves responsible for ensuring the security of a building and the things and people in it. They use surveillance equipment, alarms, and access control applications to keep the people and items under their watch secure. If there’s a problem related to the damaged property, criminal activity or other disturbances, you might deal with the problem and contact authorities in a security role. 

Prison officer

Prison officers supervise prisoners and oversee their safety and security, as well as working to help rehabilitate them. Prison officers need a wide range of skills: as well as working directly with prisoners in day-to-day situations, they also help rehabilitate them.  You’ll work with a range of people and perform a variety of tasks – from keeping the prison safe and secure, to helping vulnerable people through a difficult time in their lives.

These jobs are available through the HM Prison Service and the Ministry of Justice.

Youth Justice worker

Working with teenagers and young adults in custody is tough but extremely rewarding. They can be impulsive and test boundaries at every level. But you can make a real difference. You will be supporting children and young people who may have committed serious crimes, grown up in difficult settings or have mental health concerns. As a Youth Justice Worker you will offer these people a chance for a fresh start in life.

Probation officer

As a probation officer, you can change lives. Working with people on probation in the community and in prisons, you’ll support them to get back on track and turn their lives around. The role of a probation officer is rewarding and challenging. You'll often work with people with complex needs, and no two people are the same.

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