Best crime dramas on Netflix right now

Crime shows and documentaries have become a hugely popular genre in recent years, with shows like CSI, Breaking Bad and The Jinx getting us hooked. Netflix hosts some of the best crime shows around, and we’ve put together a list of our favourites that you can binge through whilst we're in lockdown.

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This story follows the ripple effect one mystery murder has across two cities, London and Tokyo. Kenzo, a detective from Tokyo, heads to London in search of his assassin brother who fled Japan after getting himself in trouble with the Yakuza. From dangerous Yakuza members and their traditions, to cockney gangsters, cops and London’s criminal underworld, Giri/Haji has a cast of troubled and raw characters that create an incredible, must-see series.


Luther is a well-known British crime drama series which stars Idris Elba as homicide detective John Luther. Luther solves murder cases, but when he finds himself in too deep and forming a strange relationship with his nemesis, a psychopath killer, his colleagues aren’t sure whether Luther is the detective he appears to be.


Have you ever wondered what’s inside the mind of a serial killer? Have you ever wondered why serial killers are called serial killers? Mindhunter shows you exactly that. Based on the real life work of the FBI’s Behavioural Science Unit in the 1970s, this series looks at how the team interviewed notorious serial killers, delving into the psychology of those who commit murder and how this has influenced the way crime cases are solved in the current day.

Making a Murderer

This true crime series propelled the genre into popular viewing culture and tells the real life story of Steven Avery, a man who was exonerated after serving 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, only to be arrested for another murder just two years later. Filmed over 13 years, Making a Murderer tries to discover the truth about the new allegations and exposes the corruption of their local law enforcement.

Criminology at BCU

Want to learn more about the criminal theories behind these shows? Our Criminology courses give you amazing insight into crime, those who commit it and their victims.

Line of Duty

Line of Duty follows the investigations of AC-12, a police anti-corruption unit responsible for uncovering corruption within the police force. After discovering numerous corrupt high ranking police offers, AC-12 realises the police force has deep-rooted links to a large organised crime group (OCG) and find themselves on the hunt for ‘H’, the corrupt person at the heart of the OCG.

the hunt for ‘H’, the corrupt person at the heart of the OCG.

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

A story not for the faint hearted, The Jeffrey Dahmer Story follows the true story of Jeffrey Dahmer, infamous serial killer and sex offender. Step by step, viewers get to see the heinous extent of the crimes committed by Dahmer, but thankfully, we also witness his eventual imprisonment.


Kaleidoscope tells the story of a thief and his gang trying to break into a high-security bank vault, attempting to steal $7 billion in bonds. The show is particularly unique due to the fact you are able to watch the episodes in any order whilst it still making complete sense. Netflix serves you the episodes in a completely randomised order, but also gives you the option to pick your own.  

So there’s a round-up of some of the best Crime dramas you can watch on Netflix, hopefully this helps you to choose something a little quicker when you’re frantically scrolling for something to watch before you can start on eating your dinner!

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