Top tips from Graduating BCU Doctors

You have to be tenacious
You have to be resilient, you know
You suspend your judgement throughout
Every time you feel you are not getting anywhere
 Read back what you've already written
If you can get 10,000 words into an 80,000 thesis 
 It's a considerable body of work 
I realised that people are really kind 
You know, they want to help 
You spend a lot of time telling yourself you're not good enough  
and then you spend a lot of time telling yourself you're brilliant  
It's those little nuggets of brilliance that keep you going you know 
and you think well actually I might have been onto something there
Yes proud, you do feel a bit conceited about it that's alright 
My friends all think it's hysterically funny 
that I'm a doctor now so 

Taking the plunge to study a PhD is a huge achievement, and a step closer to getting your unique research out into the world. We asked BCU PhD graduates, now holding their doctor title with pride, their top tips for excelling in their studies. Take a look at their words of wisdom!

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