Smart Sustainable Green Cities


The Smart, Sustainable and Green Cities research theme brings together skilled academics ,working collaboratively across subject areas and with external stakeholders and organisations to inform our urban future.  The research mission is to tackle the associated challenges and enhance the liveability of Smart Sustainable Green cities in the future. The goal is to facilitate the development of these cities, and ensure a smooth transition to Net Zero goals while promoting social justice.

Areas of Research


This accelerator operates in collaboration with Birmingham City Council, STEAMhouse, and the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, striving to drive economic growth and impact for the West Midlands. 

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Big Data Corridor

This collaborative project between BCU and Birmingham City Council aimed to support local businesses in developing new data driven products and services, creating new jobs and promoting economic growth. 

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Developing the National Framework of Standards for Green Infrastructure in England

This research formed two projects funded by Natural England/Defra as part of their programme of work to develop of the national framework of standards for Green Infrastructure (GI) in England. 

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STEAM in the Curriculum

This was an Erasmus+ funded project led by BCU. It focused on critically exploring inter and transdisciplinary principles, characteristics, approaches, and methods to facilitate meaningful and impactful learning, collaborations and actions on complex societal challenges.

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Smart, Sustainable, Green Cities: A State-of-the-Art Review

This state-of-the-art review paper is a peer-reviewed academic paper that provides an overview of the current research on three categories of liveable cities, Smart, Sustainable, and Green (SSG). 

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ChainAI: AI-Enabled Customised Workflows for Smarter Supply Chain Management

The ChainAI project aims to explore the feasibility of leveraging AI solutions to create custom workflows for SCM that optimise each stage of the process, improving efficiency, effectiveness, and performance in SCM and ultimately enhancing supply chain operations and outcomes.

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Data Science Collaboration project with Birmingham City Council

The Data Science collaboration project leverages data across Birmingham and beyond, empowering Birmingham City Council to make the best decisions based on the needs of their constituents.


Our brand new £70 million pound building, STEAMhouse, is the new home for the School of Computing and Digital Technology.

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Built Environment

The Centre for the Built Environment engages in research aimed at improving the process, validity and environmental efficiency across multiple sectors of the built environment.

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The Centre for Engineering at BCU are working to design the world of the future. Our experienced academics have worked closely with industry to design and improve processes and services with the latest research.

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Computing and Digital Technology

The Centre for Computing and Digital Technology conducts research across a variety of digital and emerging fields. 

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