Dr Josh Newbury

Josh Newbury

Post-Doctoral Researcher

School of Health Sciences

Josh is a post-doctoral researcher in sport nutrition and exercise physiology in collaboration with City of Birmingham Swimming Club. For his role, Josh works closely with the partner organisation as a sport science practitioner, helping to identify the most important areas for research that will benefit the health and performance of young athletes. This approach has produced a prolific research output, with publications in sport nutrition knowledge and education; dietary intakes during COVID-19; seasonal changes in vitamin D status; nutritional supplement behaviours; and the effectiveness of nutritional ergogenic aids.

The role Josh currently holds in swimming follows on from his PhD – “Preparedness for competition in highly trained adolescent swimmers: integrative nutrition and physiology” – whereby the health and performance solutions he identified led to assisting Aquatics GB with their advanced nutritional strategies prior to Olympic and Commonwealth Games, as well forming part of Swim England’s education network on their national development programmes.

Alongside research, Josh is also the lead nutritionist with BCU Sport and manages the delivery of nutrition support to the university’s high-performance scholars. This involves providing continued professional development and guiding the talents of the promising sport nutritionists from the BCU’s Sport and Exercise Science and Nutrition courses.

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