Ed McKeon

Ed is a researcher, music producer, visiting lecturer and occasional writer and broadcaster on contemporary music. Co-director of Third Ear Music, he has over 20 years’ specialist experience, producing music and mixed media events and tours, and bringing together contemporary music and arts professionals through collaborations and symposia. He has worked with artists from Brian Eno to Evan Parker, the Polish Radio Choir to Heiner Goebbels, Jennifer Walshe to Matthew Herbert, Pauline Oliveros and Robert Ashley. He was co-Artistic Director of the British Composer Awards (2014-16), is a member of the British Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music, a Board member for NMC Records, a Trustee of The Hinrichsen Foundation, an adviser to the LSO Soundhub programme, and occasional mentor (Take Five, Serious; Composer-Curator, Sound and Music). His research is provisionally titled ‘Making Art Public: The Curatorial as Musical Praxis’.

This follows the development of curatorial theories and practices in tracing its genealogies, producing a professional self-identity, and addressing its paradoxes in the wake of post-structural theory and of postmodern arts practices. It situates music not as another medium to be entered into the ‘expanded field’, but as a logic in parallel with the visual.

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