Research fellow addresses climate change concerns at global conference

IFLA conference pic

A Birmingham City University research fellow has chaired and presented an inspiring session on addressing the current climate crisis, and the role future generations will play in combating it, at a global conference.

The importance of landscape architecture

Dr Anastasia Nikologianni, part of the University’s Critical Artistic Thinking in Design (CATiD) research hub, participated in the recent International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) conference in Oslo, Norway. “The conference is the largest annual event for spatial strategies, landscape architecture, design and education,” Anastasia explains. “The IFLA declared a climate emergency and launched its action plan for the coming months, as well as covering sustainability, the environment and the future of younger generations.”

As Chair of the IFLA’s Emerging Professionals Advocate working group, Anastasia delivered a rousing speech on landscape architecture. “I discussed how younger generations see the future of the profession and how it can and should be one of the key professions for addressing the climate crisis,” Anastasia says. “In addition to my talk, I also chaired a session for emerging professionals and students about the similarities between different countries and mentalities in relation to our work.”

International partnerships

Anastasia has been accepted to present at the IFLA conference for four years running, a feat she credits the University’s dextrous research for. “Presenting at such major events shows the quality of research conducted at Birmingham City University,” she says. “The representation of the Arts, Design and Media faculty at this event is beneficial for its research and to attract future students and research talent.”

The opportunity to continue participating in international events is also crucial. “They are a chance to showcase new research and new ideas, as well as to exchange knowledge,” Anastasia explains. “We can establish long-term collaborations with colleagues from across the globe, create a big network and share the work being done at Birmingham City University.”