Application process

Applying for a PhD is quite different to the process for undergraduate and Master’s degrees – you need a clear and original idea that aligns with the strategic themes of a faculty, as well as ensuring your research project will make a positive contribution. To ensure you are fully prepared, here are the key steps of the PhD application process.

Write your proposal

Your research proposal should give potential supervisors a clear idea of your intentions for your research project, including what you aim to solve/find out and why your research will be important. Outline the idea of your research, what you hope to achieve with it, provide a firm academic context and highlight what benefits your research will have. You can find help and guidance for writing proposals via our PhD pages.

Apply online

Now you’ve written and refined your proposal, it’s time to send in your application through our application portal. As well as your research proposal you will need to upload your proof of qualifications, including your qualifications and transcripts. If you are an overseas student, you also need to upload proof of English language proficiency and your passport. Once you have submitted, the Doctoral Research College will assess your application to see if our academic staff are able to supervise you.

Attend an interview

If your chosen research can be supported, the relevant faculty will invite you to an interview. There, they will discuss your application in more detail and explore your project further. Ensure you have an updated CV with details of qualifications and prepare a brief summary of your research interests.

Receive your offer 

Following a successful interview, you will receive an offer of a place to study your PhD, DBA or EdD programme, which will also include information on fees and the payments required at enrolment (unless you have applied and been granted funding for your project). For international students, there will also be information and guidance on securing the appropriate visa.

Begin your journey!

Whether you’re studying full-time or part-time, your PhD will be one of the most challenging, exciting and highly rewarding times of your life. It is a chance for you to conduct innovative research in an area that interests you. Let the journey commence!

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