Jacqueline Norton

Faculty Director of Academic Partnerships

Birmingham School of Architecture and Design
0121 331 5802

My first degree was a Bachelor of Arts in Design. I worked in industry for nearly twenty years before applying to teach Professional Practice modules initially in Further Education on a part time basis. I completed my teacher training in 2006 and completed a part time Masters in Art and Design 2008. 

As part of my MA research I investigated trends and lifestyle consultancies, contacting them as part of my research, these included WGSN, Future Laboratory and Global Color. My Masters Research interest related to how trends came about and included exploring if young designers saw themselves as the ‘trend setter’ or the ‘trend follower’. My research led me to explore trends analysis and its Influences on Designers (particularly 3D related specialisms). This covered a broad area of potential triggers from Demographics, Cultural, Lifestyle Observation, Social and Political Factors, World Events, Environmental, Climate, to the innovative use of New Technology and Materials. I was able to work with my students to receive valuable feedback and to gain an insight into the young designers’ perception of my topic. I was particularly focused on new graduate output and started communicating and working with some of the online graduate and new designers’ support networks. I began to write for Design Editorial publications and online companies, WGSN, New Design Magazine and a newly established website Arts Thread, an online graduate platform with a monthly print publication every year.

As a Designer I have a passion for Materials understanding and the impact this has on user experience. I’ve recently submitted a PhD proposal which has particular interest in relation to ‘

I have a Faculty International Academic Partnerships role within Birmingham City University. I previously managed the 3D Design Programme and Coordinated and taught final year Interior Design Students. In this role I coordinated the Validated and franchised overseas partnerships awards for Product and Interior Design. I maintain the International Courses Coordinator role within the School of Architecture and Design. I have worked with colleagues in the UK, Hong Kong and India with similar research interests. I have recently organised a faculty wide lecture series and currently working on the co leadership of an internally funded project, in amalgamating the Design and Architecture Materials Libraries. This will support the learning and teaching within the School in relation to Materials application, composites and potential process. 

I have been a fellow of the RSA since 2011 and have a particular interest in Internationalised approach to Design Education having worked closely with this organisation in delivering the Student Design Awards both in the UK and in Hong Kong. I have been an academic member of Interior Educators since 2011 and recently been approached to sit on the newly established Education Board for Arts Thread, set up in support of the next generation of new designers and artists.

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