Researcher Development Framework

Supporting Researchers Across All Stages

As part of our ongoing staff development framework we are offering a series of support mechanisms aimed at different stages of your research career, which include training workshops and community events to help develop your research skills at every level.

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Sessions including writing papers, turning ideas into projects and bids, evidencing impact and taking the lead as a principle investigator.

The training workshops will support all four areas of the Vitae Researcher Development Framework: Knowledge and Intellect, Personal Effectiveness, Research Governance and Organisation and Engagement, Influence, and Impact.

The Framework

The Researcher Development Framework is organised into four key themes, encompassing the knowledge, intellectual abilities, techniques and professional standards to do research, as well as the personal qualities, knowledge and skills to work with others and ensure the wider impact of research. Here's how each theme can enhance the role of a BCU researcher.

Knowledge and Intellect

This area of training assists researchers in gaining the knowledge, intellectual abilities and techniques to carry out successful research. Here the focus lies on cognitive abilities, knowledge base and creativity.

Personal Effectiveness

Find out the personal qualities and approach to be an effective researcher, and focus on professional development and self-management. Build on qualities such as integrity, self-confidence and self-reflection.

Research governance and organisation

Develop your knowledge of the standards, requirements and professionalism to do research, and find out about professional conduct, research management and finance, funding and resources.

Engagement, influence and impact

Gain knowledge and skills to work with others and ensure the wider impact of research through engagement and impact, communication and dissemination and working with others.

External Training Highlights

Training, seminars and workshops from external companies, organisations and funders that will help you develop as a researcher.

  • British Academy Training - Early Career Research Network

    This training for emerging researchers, provided by the British Academy covers a range of topics from diversity in academia to planning for research impact.

News and events

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