Art and Design

Art and Design is home to a thriving community of researchers who contribute to cultural and societal understanding, while at the same time benefitting local and global creative industries. Our researchers are frequently invited to organise and curate major global events and to speak to international audience, disseminating their work through publications, exhibitions and performances.

Research clusters and collaborations 

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Urban Cultures

Researching architecture, design and the urban environment.

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Art activisms- research page- portland Scree

Art Activisms

Challenging and extending the potential of contemporary art to change the world.
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PhD Studentships- Art Research- China Dream- This is Shanghai- Cunard Line- Copyright Rob Battersby

Chinese Visual Arts (CCVA)

Fostering new understandings and perspectives of Chinese contemporary arts. 
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Craft Cultures

Exploring the multidisciplinary characteristics of craft and its praxis.

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Dress in Context

Exploring dress in all its manifestations, and its relationship to the individual and society.
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Material Encounters- Art research- Jacqueline Taylor

Material Encounters

Interrogating and extending the boundaries of materiality within contemporary art.
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Typo hub

Printing History and Culture

Researching printing history, techniques and culture on a regional to international level. 
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performance hub

Birmingham Transmedia Hub

Investigating transmedia with an emphasis on the nexus between writing, image and sound.
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Critical Artistic Thinking in Design

Providing insight, strategy and design ideas for large-scale landscape and infrastructure.
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Enamel project

Enamel | Substrate

Uncovering the techniques used to make beautiful enamel objects from the past.

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Everyday legend panel

Everyday Legend

Understanding the decline in traditional Chinese arts amid the country's rapid economic growth.
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