CHANGE is composed of research active, permanent staff from Birmingham School of the Built Environment, PhD students and external members who are in the process of applying to become visiting professors and fellows:

Prof Mark Reed (Director)

Research interests: interdisciplinary researcher specialising in knowledge exchange, stakeholder participation and the value of nature.

Julian Sidoli del Ceno (Deputy Director, Reader)

Research interests: barrister who researches primarily in the fields of alternative dispute resolution, construction, housing and property law; particularly interested in housing law, horizontal justice and the philosophical and jurisprudential aspects of mediation.

Abdul Rasheed-Amidu (Lecturer)

Research interests: understanding how people can work together to better understand changing values for the built environment; focussing on behavioural dimensions of the property market and investment decision-making, and the operation of property markets in emerging economies.

Rosi Neumann (PhD student)

Research interests: Interdisciplinary landscape ecologist and knowledge broker, investigating how scientific knowledge influences policy decision-making in peatlands with Mark Reed and Claudia Carter.

Abigail Jackson (PhD student)

Research interests: Practising solicitor and legal academic examining the effects of eviction and security of tenure on social wellbeing and community engagement in the private rented sector with Julian Sidoli del Ceno and Mark Reed.

Steven Vella (Visiting Fellow)

Research Interests: Applied socio-environmental interdisciplinary researcher and social impact assessment practitioner with interests in: cultural and visual anthropology; mediation, knowledge exchange and social learning in urban development and environmental planning; stakeholder involvement and participation; social acceptability of new technologies; and the socio-spatial dynamics and social acceptability in work/study environments of people with “invisible disabilities”.

Dr Ana Attlee (nee Evely), Project Maya and Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability (Visiting Professor)

Research interests: I am an interdisciplinary eco researcher, campaigner and entrepreneur doing research and training on sustainability and knowledge exchange. CEO and co-founder of eco enterprise Project Maya, which is working to set up unique permaculture nature reserves across the globe, with the help of wildflower gardening product Seedball.

Prof Ioan Fazey, University of Dundee (Visiting Professor)

Research interests: Chair of Social Dimensions of Environmental Change doing interdisciplinary research on: interactions between people and ecosystems and their services, including valuing the environment and environmental conservation; vulnerability, resilience, adaptation and transformation; understanding processes of Knowledge exchange and expertise for sustainability; and interdisciplinary, participatory and evidence-based methods for understanding and achieving sustainability in complex social-ecological systems.

Dr Michel Vols, University of Groningen (Visiting Professor)

Research interests: Assistant professor of law focusing on quality of life and anti-social behaviour, sustainable urban environment, problem-solving justice and the right to respect for private life and home. Vols founded the International Research Network on Law and Anti-Social Behaviour.