Professor’s pain book wins British Medical Association award


A Birmingham City University academic is celebrating after her book exploring pain has been recognised with an accolade at the British Medical Association’s Medical Book Awards.

Professor Elaine Denny’s ‘Pain: A Sociological Introduction’ was the winner in the ‘Health and Social Care’ category, with some of the other shortlisted entries focusing on how to cope with anxiety and the perceptions of patients with cancer.

The British Medical Association’s Medical Book Awards promote excellence in medical publishing and seek to demonstrate its importance to medical education and training. Over 650 resources were submitted for the 2018 awards.

‘Pain: A Sociological Introduction’ sees Professor Elaine Denny offering insight into the world of those living with pain and the meaning it has in their lives, whilst providing readers with explanations and details of the various influences on the experience of pain.

“For the BMA to recognise a sociologist in this way is an honour, and shows that the medical profession is acknowledging different ways of viewing pain”,said Elaine Denny, Emeritus Professor of Health Sociology at Birmingham City University.

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