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Budding games artists and coders can get real preparation for a career in the multi-billion pound games industry in Birmingham this winter with Gamer Camp: Nano; a simulated, real-world training environment currently on the look-out for applicants.

Led by former Studio Director at SEGA Racing Studio, Guy Wilday, the scheme includes mentoring, support and coaching from gaming giants Blitz Games Studios (Dead to Rights), Codemasters (Colin Mcrae: DIRT) and Rare (Kinect Sports) to find and nurture the next generation of talented gamemakers.

“The Gamer Camp programme is designed to provide graduates with a unique opportunity to get real ‘hands on’ experience of developing video games in a ‘simulated’ industry environment.” says Guy.

“After a week of intensive tuition the Nano course delegates are divided into teams which will then go onto develop unique iPhone games under the guidance and instruction of key industry figures. At the end of the course, the games are then submitted to the App Store for approval and availability worldwide.”

Running over full-time hours for four weeks between 8th November and 3rd December, Gamer Camp: Nano will be accepting twelve people (8 programmers and 4 artists) onto the course.

Guy explains, “Having recruited a host of graduates over my career, I’ve found that their skills grow enormously as a direct result of working through a complete game development cycle. The Gamer Camp programme is designed specifically to provide this experience.”

The deadline for applications is 8th October 2010. Applications can be completed online at

Gamer Camp: Nano is one of three schemes of differing durations being run over the coming year by NTI Birmingham, a training and media studio, part of Birmingham City University.

Nano will be followed by Gamer Camp: Mini, where gamemakers will be given 3 months to build a PSP game from March 2011, and Gamer Camp: Pro, in which 30 participants will have 9 months to create a game for Xbox 360 or PS3. Those interested should register their interest at

Programming applicants should have, and be able to demonstrate C / C++ programming skills, experience working with Windows, Mac OS or Linux API's, and must be able to present a game demo or design document for a game at interview.
Games artist applicants meanwhile, should be able to demonstrate an ability to draw, 2D & ideally 3D design skills, animation skills, and must be able to present a game demo, portfolio, design document or application at interview.
Gamer Camp: Nano will cost £499 per person to participate.

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