Nina Robinson

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Lecturer BA Hons Journalism courses, Foundation courses, and MA Mobile & Multiplatform Journalism

Birmingham School of Media
0121 331 5490

Nina Robinson delivers Mobile and Multiplatform Journalism lectures to Masters students and BA Hons Journalism to undergraduate students at Birmingham City University, home to the Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity for whom she has been a recipient of grant funding for research into diversity of senior leaders in Radio News and has also written for their Journal ‘Representology’ on racism in the music radio industry. She campaigns for inclusion of journalists from less privileged backgrounds; she is a Punjabi Sikh and attended a comprehensive school in the West Midlands from where she gained a place at Oxford University to study PPE.

A winner of the prestigious Peabody Award for producing the BBC World Service documentary ‘Europe’s Migrant Crisis’, and a Foreign Press Association prize for presenting and producing ‘Chicago Dog Fighting’

Nina worked as a broadcaster and Senior Journalist for the BBC World Service documentaries unit for over ten years and travelled the world making programmes such as Strangers for Hire from Japan and Freedom and Culture from Benghazi in Libya.

Nina was also the BBC’s UK Affairs and Global Development Reporter and headed a citizen journalism hub for the News and Current Affairs Division. Prior to joining the World Service, Nina lived in Kingston, Jamaica as a foreign correspondent. She completed a Masters in Economics in 2018, is Vice Chair of Governors as well as a digital media consultant advising on content and podcast strategy for clients including the Times of India group. She runs the media production company Soundtruism and continues to make podcasts and documentaries for the BBC and social media videos for charities such as the Women’s Resource Centre. 

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