Media champion to step down from Centre role

Marcus Ryder

Media diversity campaigner Marcus Ryder MBE is stepping down from his role as Head of External Consultancies at the Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity to continue his work on equity and inclusion as CEO of the Film and TV Charity.

Mr Ryder co-founded the Centre - based at Birmingham City University - three years ago alongside Sir Lenny Henry, BCU’s Chancellor and Professor Diane Kemp, with the aim of increasing diversity and inclusion, improving policy decisions and spreading best practice across the media sector.

Over the last three years the Centre has worked with every major public service broadcaster in the UK, several major newspaper organisations, and advised major industry stakeholders including trade unions, government bodies and regulators on diversity.

Mr Ryder leaves the Centre well-positioned to continue to bridge the gap which can exist between academic research and industry practice, ensuring research recommendations become a reality in organisations across the country.

Centre Director Professor Diane Kemp said: “Marcus is a pivotal figure in the UK media diversity conversation. His work at the Centre has changed policies, informed discussions and brought our research onto the desks of innumerable media executives, which is where it needs to be seen. It's been an absolute pleasure working with him.”

Mr Ryder said: “Working at the LHC has been both one the happiest times in my career and a time when I have produced some of the work I am most proud of. I believe the LHC has played an invaluable role in reshaping the conversation around media equity, diversity and inclusion over the last three years and I am sure with the new appointments will only build on the great work it has done so far.”

Work to recruit Mr Ryder’s replacement as Head of External Consultancies is underway.

In addition, a new role of Professor in Media Diversity has been appointed, with the details due to be announced soon.

Mr Ryder will remain on the editorial board of Representology - the Journal for Media Diversity, a joint project between Cardiff University and Birmingham City University.

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