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New census figures reveal BBC needs to increase local radio programmes for Black and Asian communities not cut them

The current provision of BBC local radio services to its Black and Asian audiences is based (correctly) on 2011 census data. Now that the new census data has been revealed, and the non-White population of England and Wales has grown, the BBC needs to assess any cuts not against its previous services to these communities but whether they are fit for purpose for a growing demographic.

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Diversity Cannot Be A Casualty of BBC Local Radio Restructure

BBC local radio has been under-serving its Black, Asian and audiences of colour for decades. It is now at risk of fail...

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Stop Blaming the ‘Wrong Type’ of Black People When Diversity Goes Wrong

By any criteria, in terms of diversity, these are unprecedented times in European politics. We have never seen greater ...

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The Queen's death has exposed UK media's diversity problem

At 4.45pm on Thursday 8th September I had a one-to-one meeting with the BBC Director General, Tim Davie, to discuss why...

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