About the cluster

The Creative Industries Cluster provides a focus for academics exploring the realities of creative, media and cultural industries practice. We take a critical perspective to investigate the challenges of working in the creative sector.

We work closely with cultural organisations at local, national and global level, providing new insights into the experience of cultural work. We also work with colleagues at STEAMHouse, BCU’s interdisciplinary makerspace, and the University’s Centre for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts (CEDIA). The Creative Industries Cluster is led by Karen Patel and Oliver Carter.

Our combined objectives are to continue working closely with cultural and creative industry communities and individual artists, cultural workers, consultants and organisations through collaborative initiatives. We seek to undertake publicly engaged work, underpinned by our scholarly research. Core objectives are:

  • to work in partnership with cultural organisations, cultural policy makers and individuals who are managing and developing programmes addressing inequalities in the cultural sector;
  • to draw attention to the challenges of self-employment, cultural entrepreneurship and expertise and re-focus the nature of support and policies aimed at cultural and creative industries;
  • to explore a range of methodological approaches including practice-led processes such as exhibitions, events, workshops, co-creating research and use of social media.

Areas of activity

  • Alternative and marginal economies
  • Cultural entrepreneurship
  • Cultural policy and media regulation
  • Craft making and production practices
  • Equality and diversity

The cluster runs the online journal, Makings, which welcomes articles and contributions on research in the creative and cultural industries. For more information, visit https://makingsjournal.com/