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Enhancing your employability skills with our in-house Law Clinic

At the Law School we are firmly committed to providing excellent opportunities for students to undertake practical work experience to enhance legal skills and thereby their employability with the added benefit of making a real contribution to the Birmingham legal community.

This is offered through the Birmingham City University Law Clinic and involves both volunteering in conjunction with local legal providers and working on real cases as part of assessed modules.

Real Life Briefs and Projects

There will be many opportunities arranged by Birmingham City University for students of all years to work pro-bono with local legal charitable organisations including an education law charity, the Central England Law Centre and the Personal Support Unit at Birmingham County Court. Students work on real cases and can make a genuine difference to the lives of Birmingham residents who cannot afford to pay for legal advice.

In 2019 third year students will be able to choose modules where they will work on real cases with the Citizens Advice Bureau or local private firms, or the Central England Law Centre on Tribunal proceedings, or on a 6 week placement in the USA as part of assessed modules.

Students benefit from a fantastic experience and can show employers that they have gained real life skills as a result.

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