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Magdeline Prempeh Agyamanh

Law with Criminology - LLB (Hons)

After primarily focusing on science in her A-level studies , Magdeline wanted to pursue a career in pharmacy, but circumstances led to her changing direction. While researching her options for university, she looked into criminology, and this resulted in her applying to BCU. However, after further research, she found that law was also an area with exciting career prospects. After calling up BCU, the Admissions team allowed her to switch onto our Law with Criminology degree. Magdeline is now flourishing in her new-found interests and in the supportive community of staff and students on her course.

“Studying Law with Criminology at BCU has honestly changed me as a person, for the better. I have transformed from someone who was shy and timid, to a confident and proud individual who is ready to enter the competitive world of law. The amount of activities, extra-curricular events and trips you can get involved in here are endless, and they only make you more prepared for the real world. Whether you want to carry on to a postgraduate degree or go straight into employment, there’s a load of different directions you can take after completing your degree.

My journey to BCU wasn’t the most straightforward. In fact, I wanted to pursue a career in pharmacy at first and chose a lot of science subjects for my A-levels. The plan seemed to be the right one until I realised that Biology was not my strongest interest and my grades in this subject were not great. Throughout Year 13, I took my time looking for the right university; I wanted to find a course that was interesting and that would lead to a successful career. Whilst looking, I discovered a sudden interest in and enthusiasm for Criminology. After further research, I found a combined degree would open up more pathways; plus, law and criminology complement each other well.

The degree wouldn’t be as rewarding if it wasn’t for the staff, who go the extra mile! I have received support abundantly from each academic I have worked with. They have allowed me to succeed and realise my absolute potential, and they have always made sure that, whenever I’ve not been fully committed, there is always a push of motivation. All in all, I have received great support and encouragement throughout my studies.

Thanks to the conferences, trips to courts and talks with tutors, I have made the choice of which pathway I want to follow: following graduation, I am hoping to become a Barrister. The encouragement I get from the friends and the wonderful people around me has allowed me not to fear the decision I have made, and enabled me – as a person of faith - to pray that this is the path ordained by God for me.

Of course, with university life come challenges, such as money management, employability or accommodation. However, there is always an office, a phone number or a website from which I can find the best help. The University are very caring too… your personal tutors are there to help whenever you need them, thanks to the Uni’s open door policy.

I AM BCU means that I am part of a family, a family where we individually develop our personalities and help each other by motivating and challenging ourselves. I have learned that going through failure is a way of becoming stronger and more capable in the future when you need to overcome obstacles to succeed on your journey. BCU has allowed me to see life from a different perspective and dimension - since I was told I would never make it, but here I am exceeding my expectations and on the right path to  fulfil my potential as an individual .”