BCU Researcher publishes book on Animal Law


Dr. Iyan Offor, a Lecturer in Law at BCU, has published a new book entitled, “Global Animal Law from the Margins: International Trade in Animals and their Bodies”. 

The book is based on the research Dr Offor conducted during the course of his PhD at the University of Strathclyde’s Centre for Environmental Law and Governance. This book critically engages the emerging field of global animal law from an intersectional ethical framework perspective.

Global Animal Law

Dr Offor’s book focuses on the way in which human society and the legal system have failed to protect animals. New research on global animal law is beginning to work toward international legal instruments, such as a UN treaty, to rectify this situation across the globe. Dr Offor argues that this emerging research and activism overrepresents perspectives and approaches from the West, failing to sufficiently engage views from the Global South, Indigenous and other marginalised communities.

Dr Offor’s book explores these anthropocentric and colonial imbalances by focusing on the issue of international trade. In response to these issues, his book incorporates global perspectives and elevates the field beyond the dominant concern with animal welfare and rights. The book further draws on aspects of decolonial thought, earth jurisprudence, intersectionality theory and posthumanism to offer a fundamental rethinking of the very basis of global animal law.

Dr Offor said:

The Centre for Law, Science and Policy at BCU conducts world-leading interdisciplinary research on law that impacts the world around us. Dr Offor’s publication highlights research undertaken at the Centre which is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and themes of fair, just and secure global societies as well as green technologies and resource security.

You can read more by ordering the book. The first book launch will take place at the University of Edinburgh on 12 October 2023, register your details. Email iyan.offor@bcu.ac.uk for more details.

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