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Publications and events

International Business Law Research Group members author important and cutting-edge scholarship on international business law. Several of these publications have had impact outside academia and have been mentioned by external organisations.


2021 - forthcoming
  • Ezechukwu N, ‘Regulating Innovation for Financial Inclusion: Lessons from Nigeria’ (2021) Journal of African Law
  • Ghio E, ‘Transposing the Directive on Preventive Restructuring: A French Perspective’ (2021) 30 International Insolvency Review
  • Gompertz K, ‘Arguing for a Different Conclusion: was Midland Bank Ltd. V Green (No1) incorrectly decided?’ (2021) Coventry Law Journal
  • Gompertz K, ‘UK Company Law Through a Quaker prism: Parke v The Daily News Revisited’ (2021) Coventry Law Journal
  • Ezechukwu N, ‘Providing Meaningful Protection for Mobile Payment Consumers: What Tools are Fit for Purpose’ (2020) Journal of Business Law
  • Ezechukwu N, ‘Consumer-generated Reviews: Time for Closer Scrutiny?’ (2020) 40 Legal Studies
  • Ezechukwu N and Ojogbo S, ‘Shareholder Protection a Necessity for Corporate Finance: A Comparative Review of legal/regulatory protection for corporate shareholders in the UK and Nigeria’ (2020) 64 Journal of African Law
  • Ghio E and Perlingeiro R (eds.), ‘Theory and Practice of General Principles of International Legal Cooperation: A Thematic and Comparative Approach’ (2020) 23 Revista Juris Poiesis  
  • Ghio E, ‘International Legal Cooperation and the Principle of Harmonisation: Lessons from Cross-Border Insolvency’ (2020) 23 Revista Juris Poiesis
  • Ghio E et al., ‘The Limits and Logic of the EU Harmonisation Process in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic’ (2020) Eurofenix (Summer)
  • Ghio E, ‘Executory Contracts in Insolvency Law in France’ in Chuah J and Vaccari E (eds.), Executory Contracts in Insolvency Law (Edward Elgar, 2019)
  • Ghio E et al., ‘An EU Preventive Restructuring Framework: a Hole in One?’ (2019) 28 International Insolvency Review
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  • Mason L and Condello A, ‘Make it new! The redeeming Modernism of law and the collapsing of its polarities’ (2019) 13 Polemos
  • Ulgen O, ‘Technological innovations and the changing character of warfare: the significance of the 1949 Geneva Convention Seventy Years On’ (2019) 2 Journal of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflicts