Dr Amna Nazir

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Lecturer in Law, Associate Director Centre for Human Rights

School of Law
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Dr Amna Nazir is an interdisciplinary academic with research expertise in Islamic law and international human rights. She is an alumna of the University of Warwick, the University of Birmingham, and two Islamic seminaries having received a traditional Islamic education spanning a decade. She was awarded doctoral funding by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, through the coveted Midlands4Cities DTP. As a recipient of this award, Amna received the rare privilege of undertaking interdisciplinary research across Birmingham City's School of Law and the University of Birmingham's School of Theology and Religion. Her thesis was selected by the AHRC as part of their impact study.  

Amna is the Associate Director of the School of Law’s Centre for Human Rights. Her research lies at the intersection of Islamic law and the UN’s Universal Periodic Review mechanism. She is contributing to the enhanced understanding of human dignity in Islam with a specific focus on the use of the death penalty and its engagement with international law. She has been invited by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to advise the British government on their strategy for bilateral engagement in death penalty cases and has held an advisory role to NGOs such as Reprieve and SHRI.

At the international level, Amna has participated as a stakeholder in the Universal Periodic Review (Geneva) and continues to actively contribute to the mechanism with a particular emphasis on OIC states. Moreover, she has drafted a report to the UN Human Rights Committee on General Comment 36, providing technical advice to the United Nations body dealing with the global standard on the right to life. She continues to present her research at national and international conferences, roundtables and seminars.

Amna serves as the Chair for The Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (TIMES) Forum at the University of Birmingham. The Forum was established as a platform to facilitate scholarly exchange on Islam and the Middle Eastern world and organises an annual symposium for postgraduate researchers. She has also contributed to the world renowned ‘Birmingham Qur’an Manuscript’ project, a manuscript which was radiocarbon-dated as one of the earliest fragments of the Qur’an in the world. She has been invited to join the curator’s team and exhibit the work in the UAE, working with the British Council and the UAE Ministry of Culture & Knowledge as strategic partners.

As a lecturer in law, Amna teaches final year law students United Nations: Law and Practice and leads the Integrated Research Project module. She has also developed a new postgraduate module on Islamic Legal Processes for students on the LLM Islamic Business Law.    

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