All That Glitters

For the second year running, Birmingham School of Jewellery is the proud home of BBC TWO’s search for the nation’s most talented jewellery maker. Season two of All That Glitters commences filming this summer at the 132-year-old site, the six-part series fronted by comedian Katherine Ryan will see eight of the UK’s best jewellery makers battle it out to impress expert judges Shaun Leane and Dinny Hall.

All That Glitters

BBC Trailer

Get a first look at All That Glitters Season 2, filmed in the School of Jewellery’s beautiful exhibition space.

About the School of Jewellery

Our multi-award-winning building houses a wonderful array of traditional style workshops, teaching and exhibition space. This extraordinary listed Venetian Gothic building is a fitting home for a stunning modern jewellery school.


Meet Bonnie

Bonnie Hay is a Senior Metal Technician at BCU and a School of Jewellery alumna appearing as a contestant on season two of All That Glitters.

We visited Bonnie in our Parkside metal workshop to find out about her work and her All That Glitters experience.

Episode Guide

Episode 1

Andrew Howard, lecturer in Jewellery and Silversmithing - Design for Industry, breaks down episode one and gives us further insight.

Episode one

Episode 2

Andrew Howard, lecturer in Jewellery and Silversmithing - Design for Industry, breaks down episode two and gives us further insight.

Episode two

Episode 3

Claire Price, Course Director for Silversmithing - Design for Industry, breaks down episode three and gives us further insight.

Episode three

Episode 4

Rebecca Skeels, lecturer in Jewellery and Objects, breaks down episode four and gives us further insight.

Episode four

Episode 5

Rebecca Skeels breaks down episode five, with four remaining contestants, who will take the mismatched crown?

Episode five

Episode 6

It's the finale! Find out with Jewellery and Silversmithing lecturer Andrew Howard who takes the trophy of All That Glitters.

Episode Six

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  • All That Glitter BBC Trailer

    [00:00:01] Let the digger see the gold! We're on the hunt for Britain's next big jewellery star.
    [00:00:06] So the gods be with me.
    [00:00:07] What would you be excited to see from the jewellers?
    [00:00:10] Sexiness.
    [00:00:10] That's you and me, both.
    [00:00:11] Judged by two of the biggest names in the business.
    [00:00:14] It's not merked and it's not polished. Looks a bit dull.
    [00:00:18] Keep going, don't give up.
    [00:00:19] Whilst I lend a helping hand.
    [00:00:21] Hi Kim.
    [00:00:22] Not now.
    [00:00:22] Death drop!
    [00:00:23] This is exactly what I've been waiting for.
    [00:00:26] Who will truly shine?
    [00:00:27] You do the choosing, I'll do the boozing. Responsibly.
    [00:00:32] All That Glitters. On BBC Two and iPlayer.

    Meet Bonnie

    [00:00:02] Bonnie So I'm Bonnie Hay, I'm the Senior Metal Tech at BCU. I didn't start as a technician. I guess I sort of started as a student. Before that, I had my own workshop and collection and range. I did the MA in Jewellery and Related Products. That was at the School of Jewellery, and that was amazing. I applied to the show All That Glitters, because when I actually saw it, I watched it and I think the first episode they did three bangles in 3 hours, and part of me was like, hang on, no way. That's ridiculous. And then the other part of me was like, Hell yeah, get me in.

    [00:00:57] So there's so many times I've pushed students out of their comfort zone to get to where they need to be. I was like, I got to do that for myself, so I'm glad I did it. And at least now it's going to be coming out. I can say to the students, Look, you know, I've taken these risks, too.

    [00:01:14] So the fact that all the glitter has used, the world famous School of Jewellery to stage this event to me was just like, this is destiny.

    [00:01:27] I did my MA here. So that's one short year. I didn't do my undergraduate. And in some in some in most respects, I kind of wish I had because I would have had that underpinning technical kind of skills.

    [00:01:42] So I came in kind of like from the side on the MA and it worked for me because it was so creative and that whole year you really sort of delve into, oh, so many different like topics and you get to hone your practice.

    [00:01:58] Like any budding jeweller's out there, like come on board the water sweet, you know, take that leap and really invest in your practice. My advice was I sort of like - I'm self-taught and if I were to do it again, I'd totally go on the national diploma and the higher national diploma at the School of Jewellery because that is nuts and bolts, that's your bread and butter, that's how you put things together, how you start to design. That's just sort of like the foundations from which you can build. And then if you really super enjoy it, you know, of course, like there's the BA and the MA, I think jewellers get a lot from each other, and it's great to sort of build your sense of community, which actually studying here does.

    [00:02:48] I guess the next stage of like really sort of producing jewellery, producing sort of jewellery artwork is kind of like having an outlet. So it's always been like a dream, particularly of my husband's and of course of mine, to have some sort of outlet. So it's a collaboration between two designers. Me and my husband met at a on our MA here at BCU and it's kind of like a continuation of that.

    [00:03:20] We have actually found somewhere in the in the Jewellery Quarter, so we can run it as a work shop. So that's the next project. Renovating the shop, getting it up, getting it functional.

    [00:03:34] You know, if anyone's like seen All That Glitters and like kind of spark something in you I do think it's really fantastic to get your foundation in and like what better opportunity than the School of Jewellery? What better accolade than actually studying there? Fantastic.