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Our School of Jewellery is the largest in Europe and is internationally renowned for our specialist courses led by tutors with extensive industry experience. Since 1890, the School has been based in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, where an estimated 40 per cent of British jewellery is made today, so you will be studying where the industry practices.

Our close connections with companies and independent artists in the Jewellery Quarter offer opportunities to get noticed, make connections and gain employment. We are proud of the number of our graduates who now work at all levels of the trade, locally, nationally and internationally.

The School of Jewellery is about people and how they create objects of wonder. It’s why we deliver a rich mix of world leading learning through making and doing.

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Jeremy Hobbins: It's such a blend of different types of jewellery here. Jewellery can be so much more than just a glittering bauble that you wear. So the inspired festival for the School of Jewellery is a fantastic opportunity for our graduates or would be graduates to showcase their work.

William Appleby: There was the opportunity to have pictures of my work put up on billboards around the city. So above New Street station and sort of on sides of vans and things.

Ellie Painter: To be able to go and get information from the industry and not just tutors here. Everything's on your doorstep and people are always so happy to help because they see the DFI course as new faces going into the Jewellery Quarter now.

Jeremy Hobbins: It is really great practice for them in terms of showcasing their work, preparing it, displaying and all of the accompanying promotional material as well.

William Appleby: This is now the second piece of work that I've exhibited. And again, it's that confidence to take my finished work, you know, work. I've spent a long time working on them, invested a lot of a lot of time and emotional. It's a very personal thing, you know, But it put it out in public and people come and view it. It's it's it's nerve wracking, but it's really good. It's it's been thoroughly enjoyable.

Ellie Painter: I came to BCU with no jewellery background or knowledge, and the amount I've gathered to leave with is just amazing.

Jeremy Hobbins: And then suddenly this great sort of explosion, this fantastic product, really enables all of us to enjoy the outcomes of our students.


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This inspirational, award-winning setting is the perfect place to undertake jewellery related design courses. We cover all aspects of jewellery, silversmithing, horology and gemmology, using a variety of precious and non-precious metals, gems and experimental materials. Our students also benefit from an enviable range of cutting-edge equipment and technology which is used in industry today.

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The School of Jewellery is the proud home of BBC TWO’s talent search for the nation’s most talented jewellery maker.

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