Financial evidence

Student preparing financial evidence Once you've received an offer of a place from us, you'll need to provide evidence that you have a certain amount of funds available to cover your course fees and living expenses while in the UK.

How much do you need?
  • One year's tuition fee - minus any money paid to the University 
  • One year's living expenses - £9,207
What do you need to supply?
  • Bank statements (no older than one month)
  • Bank statements must be signed, stamped and dated by the bank
If it’s your own money

This money needs to have been in your account for 28 days in order for us to issue your CAS.

If the money is in your parents' account
  • Provide your birth certificate
  • Provide a letter from your parents stating you have the right to use these funds

Download our Parent letter template

If you're a sponsored student
  • You're not required to make a deposit payment
  • Send us a copy of your sponsorship letter to confirm this and how much you are being sponsored for.