Mariet Florian

MSc Management and Marketing

Originally from France, Mariet decided to study his Master's at BCU, hear what advice he has to offer to other international students and about his experience in Birmingham!

Why did you want to study in the UK?

I studied in Cardiff for my Bachelor’s degree and decided to move to Birmingham for my Masters. Birmingham is the second biggest city in the UK and there are lots of opportunities to work here after I complete my Masters.

Why did you choose to study at Birmingham City University?

BCU is a big university in the city centre, so it’s really convenient for students as we can live in the city centre and study too. BCU offers many courses and management and marketing was of interest to me. In my course we have an accreditation which is called CMI, it will be a great addition to my resume.

What were your first impressions of Birmingham?

I was scared because Cardiff was a little city and when I came here it was a huge difference. I walked around the city a lot and it’s actually really beautiful. The weather was rainy in Birmingham so I was sad to leave my city of Annecy which is sunny and warm!

What advice would you give other international students from your country?

Take a jacket and bring some cheese and bread from France! Don’t be shy, talk to everyone to improve your English and be more confident. Be open minded to take every opportunity and enjoy your life here!

What do you like about your course?

In addition to the master’s degree, my course allows me to receive CMI accreditation which is really great for any resume or interview. The teaching system is really different from the French system too; that’s why I like studying in Birmingham.