MA Design Management, BA Product Design

Originally from Finland, Inna-Marie decided to study her Master's and Bachelor's at BCU, find out more about why she came to Birmingham!

Why did you want to study in the UK?

I studied in an international school and it was recommended that we pick a university within the US or UK to study at. The UK was a lot cheaper.

What do you like about your course?

The BA Product Design course was very hands on and different to what I was used to from school. In my current course, MA Design Management, the tutors are amazing and so helpful, going out of their way to ensure I’m getting as much as I can out of the course.

What advice would you give other international students from your country?

Bring an umbrella and woolly socks.

What has been the biggest culture shock?

The way the British interact, it’s very different to Finland and the Czech Republic. They are less formal and when you first meet someone, there are no formalities every time. Also, the food! There are lots of bread products and vegetables are expensive.

What services/facilities have you used at BCU?

I have used the library, academic and English support services and the workshops (wood, metal, glass), 3D printing services and the photo studio.