International Orientation Programme 2022

Are you a new International or EU student starting your studies with us in January 2022? Please join us for your International Orientation Programme which starts on 17 January 2022. This programme runs through to 18 March 2022 ensuring no students miss out on an opportunity to have their Orientation.

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The International Orientation Programme provides you with all the essential information you need to help settle into the University and the UK. It is important you attend.

We have a fun-packed nine week long programme with lots of opportunities for you to make new friends and ensure essential tasks are completed. Our dedicated team of student buddies and staff will welcome you and answer questions you may have.

Official Orientation Programme

This will be your guide for the nine weeks of activities with online webinars.

Once you have downloaded the programme to join on talks and activities, click the title name for each session. 

Download official orientation timetable

Online + On Campus activities

As well as our online webinars, we will also be having on campus activities* 

Our online activities + On Campus scheduled for January 2022 Orientation Programme include:

  • Social Distance Movie Hour
  • The Activity Evening
  • Quiz Night
  • Social Distance Social
  • Coffee Hour
  • Afternoon Tunes and Games
  • Global Language Café
  • Games Night

Book On-Campus Activities

* Please Note: Activities on Campus will only take place if it is safe to do so and in-line with COVID regulations

Please look out on the webinar list for the link for these activities

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17 January - 18 March

International Orientation Programme

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Meet and Greet 

We offer a Taxi Refund up to £35 from Birmingham Airport to your accommodation for new students starting in January 2022.

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Orientation Programme for 2022

Want a taste of what's on for January 2022 Orientation. Have a look at what was on for January 2021 International Orientation Programme.

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Making Friends

With plenty of opportunities to meet fellow students, you'll make friends in no time!

Friends for life