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Students from the USA will find plenty of attractions in the UK’s second largest city, home to 65,000 students. Birmingham is a vibrant and multicultural city, with award-winning restaurants, busy bars and nightlife, international artists performing in our city, and a variety of sports – it’s home to a Premiership soccer team.

On campus, you’ll find plenty of places to socialise from our own Students’ Union traditional pub – The Eagle & Ball – through to specialist societies including Anime & Manga, BCU DJ Society, Online Gaming, Rock Society, The Harry Potter Society and Yoga. We also have 30 sports teams you can get involved in from basketball to cheerleading, rock climbing to swimming, volleyball to tennis.

Generation Study Abroad Commitment logo We are also Generation Study Abroad Commitment partners, an initiative to double the number of US students studying abroad by 2020. Studying abroad is one of the best ways to acquire international experience necessary to succeed in today’s global market place.

You can apply to study abroad for a semester or full academic year at Birmingham City University. To find out more please visit our Go Abroad web pages. Please note that Birmingham City University may not certify or disburse Direct Loan program funds under a "study abroad" or "student exchange" agreement for U.S. students to attend educational institutions located in the United States.

US Federal Loans

US citizens or US Nationals may apply for US Federal Student Loans or Private Loans for educational related costs, to study with us at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Please read the following documents before applying:

Please also refer to the Consumer Disclosure Information

The US Department of Education has produced some videos which you may find helpful, in addition to its Facebook page. You can also find more information about federal loans and responsible borrowing and repayment on the Department's website.

Please contact usloans@bcu.ac.uk if you have any questions.

Birmingham City University Federal school code: G12215
OPEID code: 01221500

1098-T Forms

As a foreign educational institution Birmingham City University is not required as a matter of Title IV eligibility to obtain an EIN and complete Form 1098-T for US students.

SI-UK North America
  • 100 Wilshire Blvd #700
  • Santa Monica
  • California, USA
  • 90401
  • Phone: +1 424-272-8610
  • Email: usa@studyin-uk.com


We will consider applicants who meet the below criteria for entry into Undergraduate courses.

  • Pass the High School Graduation Diploma with a GPA of 2.6 / 75%, including a minimum grade of C/70%/GPA 2.0 in English Language (and a C/70%/GPA 2.0 in Maths for Business School / CEBE courses that require GCSE Maths).

  • Pass 3 AP (Advanced Placement Examinations) with a grade of 3 or above. CEBE courses that require A-Level Maths will require AP Maths (Calculus). Please note – this is not needed for applications to the BMus.


  • Pass ACT (American College Testing Programme) with a composite score of 21 or above
  • OR
  • Pass SAT (Reasoning) with a combined score from 2 subjects of 1100 out of 1600


We are happy to consider Bachelor's Degree applicants with a minimum GPA of 2.7.

Some postgraduate courses may require a subject-specific undergraduate degree to qualify for entry. Please visit our course pages to ascertain the entry requirements.

Special requirements

Art and Design

Undergraduate Art and Design courses may require a good portfolio of artwork. Some postgraduate courses also require a portfolio, and/or other courses require a proposal of studies. Please visit the course pages for complete information on our entry requirements.

Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment (CEBE)

All undergraduate courses in CEBE require Mathematics at O Level. However, mathematics is required at an AS Level with a minimum of Grade C or the equivalent for the engineering suite and BEng Telecommunication and Networks. Please visit the course pages for further information regarding our complete entry requirements.

Business School

All Business School undergraduate courses require a minimum of Mathematics Grade C at O Level or an equivalent qualification.

English language requirements

View our English language requirements.

Every year we provide a number of scholarships and bursaries recognising the talents of our international students, which can help cover part of your tuition fees.

Find out more about scholarships and bursaries...

Birmingham City University is now holding daily Skype sessions for our American enquirers and applicants. If you would like to Skype us, please make a 'Contact Request' to:

Skype: bcu_enquiries

Learn how to download Skype

Student views

What our students say...

As a foreign student, I had really set my goals on doing my Master’s degree in the United Kingdom but I knew London would be too distracting and expensive. The city of Birmingham seemed to offer the ideal situation for size, location, demographics and universities. The University is a large university, spread out all over the city, but still has a small and personable feel to it.

"The lecturers were very knowledgeable, interesting and personable; they offered insightful courses and were always available either after class or in their office. The Business School Postgraduate Office staff were also great and when I first went to the International Office, I was greeted with a warm smile by staff who were already familiar with me from my email correspondence.

"The students on my course were a spectacular show of diversity and intelligence, coming from all over the world with different undergraduate and career backgrounds. It certainly gave the course a unique feel. Student life in Birmingham was very enjoyable and there is a lot to see as a foreign student.

"There is plenty of opportunity for sports, shopping and nightlife, as well as lots of restaurants offering differing cuisines. The Student’s Union was also a great resource, not only for someone running a society – I founded the Business School Postgraduate Society – but also for any student at the University.”

Jordan Atchison, MSc Management and Marketing

Country contact

Do you have a question?

Mizan Ahmed
Acting Regional Manager 
Based at Birmingham City University’s City Centre Campus.

Email: Mizan.Ahmed@bcu.ac.uk

Student views

What our students say...

I chose Birmingham City University because it was very clear to me that the staff wanted to make sure students would come out more experienced and aware of the industries in which they wanted to work. The fact that the University wants every student to complete internships with media companies was a testament to this, and I have managed to learn more about my field from staff support.

"The University also taught me how to create a portfolio and what should go in it. I am very lucky I got the opportunity to study on the Media and Communications course as it gave me the chance to engage with so many varied areas of study. The University is very modern and well-equipped and I never felt like something was missing; there is a student radio station and magazines written for and by the students, refurbished libraries, a high standard of technology, many societies, and breakout areas for students to relax and work.

"Having the ability to study on a broad course and try 'a little bit of everything' gave me the opportunity to realise what I am really good at and what I love doing. I fully believe that students graduate from the University confident and positive about their careers and future.”

Niki Lazaridou, BA (Hons) Media and Communication