India Group

We are developing collaborative relationships in India between academia, business organisations and civil society.

Our vision is the creation of new strategic projects, aligned with our strengths as a University and working in strong partnerships with organisations in India so we can enable personal transformation and actual practical on-the-ground innovation, enterprise and research.

We are exploring the possibilities for partnerships with industry, academia and third sector partners - particularly in the areas of:

  • Application of Blockchain in Supply Chain 4.0 and Operations 4.0
  • The Arts and Creative Industries
  • Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Fashion and textiles
  • Flood risk management
  • Medical Devices Magnesium Light-weighting
  • Manufacturing productivity and Innovation
  • Sport
  • STEAM Methodology
  • Sustainability and Sustainable Futures

BCU has a long history of collaborative and inter-disciplinary working to address process and product development. This co-creation methodology has attracted substantial funding to BCU for the implementation of the concept of STEAM innovation where Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics collides with the Arts. We are keen to share this innovation methodology with our partnerships in India.

For more information about BCU’s work with India please contact Makhan Singh