Research clusters

Four participatory networks to address current and future health and social care challenges.

Quality of care

Person-Centred Ageing 

Creating a network within the university to harness the expertise of colleagues to contribute to solving complex health and social care problems.

Knowledge to Care cluster

Knowledge to Care (K2C)

We develop the theory and practice of evidence-informed healthcare using strategic integration of co-creation, knowledge mobilisation, patient and public involvement and engagement, implementation science and impact.

Family health

Gender, Family and Health

Creating a supportive, inclusive community of colleagues who share interests and expertise to develop a strong and dynamic Gender, Family and Health specialist strand.

Elizabeth Bryan Multiple Births Centre

The vision of the EBMBC is to become an internationally renowned centre for excellence in education, practice and research into multiple pregnancy.

Gender Inclusion in Research Special Interest Group

The Group aims to create a more inclusive, intersectional and accessible research environment for all.