Gema Mee

Gema Bate

Lecturer in Paramedic Science

School of Health Sciences

Before joining West Midlands Ambulance Service in 2016 as a student paramedic, Gema worked as a journalist across several daily and weekly local newspapers with an original focus on music journalism, which led her to complete her Post Graduate Diploma in Music Industry Management at the University of West London. During her career as a journalist, she had articles across an array of media, including Kerrang! magazine, Telegraph, the Daily Star, The Metro, the Daily Mail, and The Sun, but in 2016 decided to take the plunge to becoming a paramedic.

She joined WMAS on the student paramedic programme, due to already have undergraduate and post graduate degrees, and worked at gaining her Associate Ambulance Practitioner qualification working at Dudley hub, before moving to Bromsgrove hub, where she completed her university FdSc Paramedic Science at the University of Worcester, registering as a paramedic in 2019.

Gema left the ambulance service shortly after and began working in a GP surgery in Birmingham as a Primary Care Paramedic due to her interest in community and proactive care, rather than the reactive care. Having taken what was deemed as a more advanced role early on in her healthcare career, she wanted to make these kinds of roles more available to paramedics by advancing the career from a university perspective and subsequently gained a role as an Assistant Lecturer on the Paramedic Science programmes at BCU in 2020. 

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