Intelligent Behaviour Analytics (IBA®) Videos

Intelligent Behaviour Analytics IBA® has been used successfully with individuals and teams within a range of diverse environments, including education, healthcare and business. It is proven to increase individual confidence and resilience. Here you can watch/listen to content to find out more about IBA. 

IBA Conference 2018

From Striving to Thriving - Addressing Mental Health and wellbeing in Education: Nurturing Resilience in Teaching. Watch the video below. 

Stress and Conflict: How to manage yourself and lead others in a pressured situation

Talk given on 10 December 2020 to Guangdong Nursing Association at the Third International Nursing Summit Forum of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Summit Theme: "New Era, New Ideas, New Achievements". Watch the video below:

Podcast episode - Resilience

Dr Addy McLeod and Dr Paul Coulter discuss the importance of resilience training and mental wellbeing for a successful career. Dr Coulter shares his experience of a holistic approach to building resilience and confidence.

Dr Addy McLeod is a senior geriatrics registrar in the North East Deanery and Chair of the Trainees and Members Committee at the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh.

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