Developed to understand human reactions and responses, itse® has been built from Eastern and Western, ancient and modern theories and is designed to apply to every aspect of an individual’s daily life.


itse® is the result of over three decades of discovery and rigorous refinement. It is a sophisticated framework which enables individuals to explore their Concept of Self in a meaningful way and one which is unique to them. It is based on the idea that developing an enhanced level of self-understanding provides significant value for individuals in both their personal and professional lives. Enshrined within the itse® framework are tools and techniques enabling the individual to take positive and practical steps in implementing and applying their new found knowledge.

Critically, itse® recognises the uniqueness of human beings and acknowledges their strengths and limitations. This is essential in order to improve both confidence and resilience and work towards decreasing the high levels of stress and anxiety currently so pervasive in 21st century society.

Itse for life