Ayazullah Safi

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Assistant Lecturer and PhD Researcher

School of Health Sciences

Ayaz was a Physical Education (P.E) teacher and sports coach for over 6 years. Throughout his career, he worked in primary, secondary and further education as well as various sports clubs. Ayaz was head of the P.E department in a secondary school and physical activity and health promoter before joining BCU. In addition, he was the director of Safi's Sports & Fitness, helping children, adolescents and adults to be active and healthy through different sports. Ayaz also worked with ‘Workers Educational Association (Tandursti) as a lecturer. He was responsible for developing curriculum and delivering lectures to elderly people with health conditions about the importance of physical activity, psychology, nutrition, health and well-being. He also designed tailored exercise and nutrition plans to individuals with underlying physiological and psychological health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, angina, anxiety and depression. 

Ayaz have a strong background in theoretical and practical applications of teaching and research with industry experience in education, public health, sports coaching and personal businesses. He have taught extensively in Higher Education with substantial teaching and managing experience in the Primary, Secondary and Further Education sector. Ayaz’s research interests include: exercise psychology; physical activity; health and well-being; sports and physical education with an appreciation of the applications to the wider Public Health field. He is interested in teaching and researching, while maintaining his interest in public engagement.

Ayaz is currently an assistant lecturer and a Ph.D. researcher at BCU. He is module leader and teaching across different modules within Sport & Exercise and Public Health Departments. His Ph.D. research is about researching ‘the impact of workplace physical activity interventions on employees’ health, well-being and behaviour change’.


  • Ayaz’s research contribution was recognised in May 2019 by Birmingham City University and was awarded as a ‘Researcher of the Year 2018/19 Extra Mile Awards as a "recognition of his excellent research contribution’.
  • Moreover, Ayaz presented one of his PhD research intervention in British Psychological Society (BPS) 2019 annual conference on the 3rd of December 2019 and was awarded as the overall first place winner of the BPS DSEP annual conference.

These are hugely competitive and hence it is a testament to the quality of his research contributions to the society.

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