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Support while studying a healthcare degree

Choosing to start or go back to studying at university is a big decision and one that will naturally have an impact on your everyday life, but most importantly your future. Although the end goal is in sight, we know getting there isn’t always easy so we wanted to share what support is on offer should you have any financial worries and childcare needs while studying with us.

Funding announced by the Government 

From September 2020, students on nursing, midwifery and many allied health profession courses will receive at least £5000 a year. This includes new and continuing students.

You may also be eligible for up to £3000 of further funding depending on your course and circumstances as follows:

  1. You will be eligible for an additional £1000 if you’re studying for a degree which is a shortage subject, i.e. there is a need for them in the workforce but not enough people choose to train in these areas.
  2. £1000 childcare allowance to help balance your studies with juggling your family life. This is in addition to the £1000 already on offer for childcare through the Learning Support Fund
  3. £1000 for students in areas of the country which have seen a decrease in the number of students enrolling onto healthcare courses. At the present moment, we’re not sure if Birmingham and the West Midlands falls into this category until the Government announces further details.

Please note: As the funding is coming from the Government, they will advise on how payments will be given to students. A NHS Funding FAQs document is now available which does contain some additional information.

Which courses are eligible for the new funding?

Eligible for £5000 funding:

 Eligible for £5000 funding plus an additional £1000 as a shortage subject:

You can still have a student loan, even if training to be a healthcare professional means you're doing a second degree

Choosing to study a healthcare degree is highly valued and recognised, which is why if you have already studied at university before but would like to study for a second degree in nursing, midwifery or an allied health professional (AHP) subject, you’ll still be able to access a student loan for this.

Social Work does not count as an AHP subject so you can only take out a loan if it's your first degree but there are separate bursaries available specifically for this subject. These are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate social work courses. There are a limited number and you would need to meet eligibility criteria but if you’re considering social work then it’s definitely worth checking into as you don’t need to pay these bursaries back.

Interested in a career in healthcare?

Find out more about the range of courses we offer.

The Learning Support Fund

The NHS Business Services Authority has set up a Learning Support Fund (LSF) to help with some of the expenses that can be incurred as part of training to be a healthcare professional*, particularly costs incurred due to those all-important placements, such as travel expenses or dual accommodation costs if you have to live away from your usual address/university while on placement. The LSF covers all the courses in the list which receive at least £5000 a year funding.


If you have children, support for childcare costs is available from the LSF through a Child Dependents Allowance. You can apply for up to £1000 per year if you’re on a full-time course and some assistance is still available if you’re studying part-time over a maximum of six years.

In addition, you may be eligible to the £1000 childcare support funding announced by the Government. Together that means you may be eligible for up to £2000 per year to support you with the cost of childcare while you’re studying.

The Exceptional Support Fund

The NHS has an Exceptional Support Fund (ESF) which you can apply to if you experience severe and genuine financial difficulty during your course and there are no other sources of funding available to you. Your application can result in a grant of up to £3000 a year should your financial situation become extremely difficult.

Support from us

We also offer advice, guidance and support through our Students Affairs service. Our advisers, like Jackie Brophy, are based at City South Campus where you would study and can support you in accessing applicable financial support and childcare such as Adult Dependants Grant or Parents’ Learning Allowance. If you find you might benefit from support and guidance from us, visit your School Office who will refer you to the appropriate contacts for help.

*All financial assistance from the LSF is subject to meeting eligibility criteria

Want to find out more?

We spoke to Finance and Childcare Adviser to find out more about the ways in which we can help you to access the support you need. 

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