A paramedic student’s experience of SPACE

We know that our students love SPACE (our centre for Skills, Practice and Care Enhancement) and rightly so. We've been able to chat to two of our Paramedic Science students about how SPACE has benefited them during their studies. 


"I’ve been studying Paramedic Science for the past two years and throughout the degree I have been taught a phenomenal amount of practical skills to use out in practice. These are essential skills that you need not just whilst you are at university but throughout your career once you’ve qualified too.

I often visit S.P.A.C.E, as it’s a brilliant place to come and practice a wide range of skills. It’s available every day and allows me the flexibility to come in whenever I want. It’s just for students, so you can come in on your own time and work through your skills at the pace you want and you don’t have to worry about the pressure of lecturers or other students watching you, like you may get in a practical teaching session.

The technicians are always there and are really friendly. I can use whatever equipment I want, whether I’m just popping in to practise a skill such as taking manual blood pressure, or using equipment such as manikins, iSims or full equipment bags in order to practise a full Advanced Life Support scenario.

It’s always interesting to be able to see what other students on different courses are up to and it gives us a chance to interact and share our knowledge. It’s really nice to walk in and see Paramedic students helping the Nursing students practise a skill for an OSCE, or seeing Midwifery students supporting the Paramedic students with a scenario.

Students really appreciate S.P.A.C.E, it’s an invaluable tool that has enabled me to increase my skills to the standards they are today!"


I am currently studying my first year in paramedic science. The first time I attended SPACE, Kelly, our SPACE technician and the rest of the staff made me feel very welcome. 

Kelly took her time to show me where all the equipment was located and how I was able to access the different types of resources available. There’s always a member of the team on hand in SPACE to answer any questions we may have or offer assistance.

I love SPACE because it's such a relaxed and supportive environment, where I can spend time with other members of my cohort to further develop my skills. These skills are essential for me as I need to keep up to date with my standards of practice.

SPACE is a place where students from different courses can go and join together to help one another to achieve their goals. In SPACE it’s not about what course you are on, it’s about team work and effective learning.

Many thanks to all the staff at SPACE.

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