What can I do to prepare for my Life Sciences course?

If you are going to be studying Biomedical Sciences or Biomedical Engineering, look no further for tips and ideas on how to prepare for your course. We’ve come up with a range of options for you to explore and get you prepared!

Get researching

The more you know, the better! Getting a head start on research can help you underpin the key concepts of your area of study and help you start thinking about the future.

Keep up to date with sector news and explore future career paths on the Biomedical Engineering Society and Institute of Biomedical Science websites.

Start connecting

It's never too early to start making some industry connections and learning from others in your field, so it's important to make professional profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Keep up to date with all things BCU on our main Twitter account, where we post ongoings, news, and more. We’re also on Instagram and Facebook.

Tune into a good podcast

Listening to a podcast at the gym or while you're catching the bus can be an easy way to absorb new information and gain deeper knowledge of the subject.

For all things Biomedical Engineering, listen to What's the Buzz?

Give the SAGE Life & Biomedical Sciences podcast a listen if you're interested in Biomedical Science.

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