Three ways the Commonwealth Games could benefit you

If you're thinking about studying in Birmingham, there is no better time than now! The Commonwealth Games are coming to the heart of the UK in 2022, which means that students starting university in Birmingham between 2019 and 2021 will have unparalleled opportunities to get involved with this global sporting event. 

Despite the games being over three years away, if you're looking to study a degree between now and 2022 then this event will no doubt have a positive impact on your student experience - so what better time to start thinking about it? 

Here's three ways the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games could provide opportunities for you... 

Relevant work experience 

The games will bring a range of unique opportunities that our students will have access to tap into and use to develop employability skills - who wouldn't want being a part of the Commonwealth Games on their CV?! 

Sports students will be able to support and work with athletes in the run up, during, and after the games, depending on their specialism and experience. And beyond sport, there will be plenty of other opportunities for students across the university to get involved with; the Commonwealth Games will need 10,000 volunteers to support the Games, from constructing the city to host the Games, media coverage, increased healthcare and support services to aid spectators, visitors and locals - the list is endless! 

Improved facilities 

Birmingham is in the middle of many exciting developments right now, so it's a great time to be here and see so many new places and areas appear. Further developments to be able to host the games, such as the Commonwealth Village (that will actually be where our Perry Barr campus used to be) and Alexander Stadium will also be happening in the run-up to the event, but of course they won't be going with the Games - they'll be staying put! So, once it's all over our students, locals and visitors will be able to access a range of new facilities for many future years. 

Sports Science course leader Richard Blagrove comments:

"Probably the greatest benefit of hosting the Games is the opportunities it will create once the championships are over. For the general public, children, sports clubs and athletes, this will mean improved facilities and provision of sports related activities. These developments will bring more jobs and work-related placement opportunities for our a graduates and students, which is really exciting."

Be part of history 

Having this global event on our doorstep is a huge advantage for locals and students in the area to get involved with. Happening only once every four years, and the last one was on the other side of the world on the Gold Coast - what are the chances these opportunities that this will bring will always be so accessible?

PE and School Sport course leader, Irfan Khawaja said:

"Bring on the Birmingham Commonwealth Games! This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for students at BCU, particularly those studying within the PE and School Sport degree, and those studying other within other disciplines. As the Commonwealth Games come right into the heart of the country, we are incredibly fortunate to have it land on our doorstep.

The opportunities for our students are endless, and I look forward to encouraging and accompanying students working within the different venues, assisting athletes, providing extra support within management teams, and the event organisers managing the practical day to day running of an international event. Our students will have an opportunity to gain hands on experience where they can apply key principles taught in lectures and seminars, into real life sporting practice. It doesn’t get any bigger, or better than this!"

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