Fashion’s throw-away culture tackled in cutting-edge project

Libby Hudson, final year, Fashion Business and Promotion student at BCU

A student from Birmingham City University is tackling the issue of fast-fashion head on by designing a clothing range complete with digital twins – allowing wearers to attach lasting memories to garments long after their Instagram stories have disappeared.

School of Fashion & Textiles

Birmingham City University

Libby Hudson, a final year Fashion Business and Promotion student at BCU wants fashion fans to develop a deeper relationship with their clothes as she fights back against the growing ‘wear-once’ and ‘throw-away’ cultures. 

Her new concept, on display from Monday (12 June) as part of the University’s Inspired Festival, enables wearers to attach memories to a digital twin of their clothes in a Metaverse. 

Libby’s ‘AECORA’ range – meaning ‘wave’ or ‘ripple’ in Spanish - allows the wearer to attach memories to the clothes in a supporting app that features an ocean-inspired digital world, where consumers can explore a garments journey from production to reality, in the hope they will want to re-wear their clothes time after time after time.  

“Each garment has a digital ID attached to fabric and covered by another piece of biodegradable fabric, making it unique to the purchaser,” said Libby.  

“Using the AECORA app, the owner scans the digital ID inputting that garment into a personal digital wardrobe. The user can then interact with the digital twin, attaching memories of wearing the garment and learning about its journey from raw material to finished product.”   

A new generation of forward thinkers like Libby are challenging fashion designers, major labels and consumers alike to produce, source and shop for clothing more ethically. 

Libby’s mission to tackle the impacts of fast fashion, with concepts like AECORA, remains at the forefront of fashion innovation cementing her as one of the industry’s rising stars. 

Libby Hudson’s project will be on display as part of the Inspired Festival at Birmingham City University, which launches with the free Inspired Family Day on Saturday 10 June 2023.  

The Inspired Festival at Birmingham City University runs from 10 – 25 June, is a showcase of work created by exciting new talent from the University’s Faculty of Arts, Design and Media.  

The culmination of innovative thinking and collaboration between artists, actors, designers, writers, and musicians who have responded positively and creatively to unprecedented challenges, the Inspired Festival is exhibited throughout June across Birmingham city centre at a range of venues, as well as on digital and static billboards and across the University’s city centre campus.  

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