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We are the School of Fashion and Textiles and we inspire self-expression that enriches the development of individuals and the industry. It’s a belief that began through our involvement in the need for art and design during the industrial revolution, and continues today through our close connections, proximity and integral role in the sector.

Our courses address the global fashion and textiles industries and you will be welcomed into a creative, collaborative and international student community. Our academic and technical support staff are on hand to help you develop practical skills in our extensive range of modern workshops as you are encouraged to define what design means to you.


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Our Foundation Years offer you an additional year of study to ensure successful progression to your chosen degree.

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[00:00:04] Speaker 1 I chose BCU because of the variety of modules and the learning opportunities. I've definitely growed and matured as a person. I'm a lot more confident. I've developed a lot of my interpersonal skills, and I'm taking a lot of experiences away from my time here. 

[00:00:37] Speaker 2 A foundation year is really exciting year. It gives our students the opportunity to explore all the different pathways here in the fashion and textiles. Students have a real mixture of different diverse modules that they explore from fashion design, pattern cutting, illustration, textiles, making, exploring different fabrics, weaving, knitting to business and branding skills, learning how to digitally create images and visually communicate. 

[00:01:07] Speaker 1 Fashion business promotion is about approaching the creative side of fashion, and merging it with the more business behind the scene side of fashion, it involves a variety of modules, including buying a merchandising, visual merchandising, trend forecasting, marketing, events. After this degree, I hope to go into sustainability focussed role, hopefully within buying or marketing. 

[00:01:31] Speaker 2 The facilities we have are amazing. From the basics to mid-range to high end so students get full experience. 

[00:01:42] Speaker 3 You've got literally everything you need and everything is industry standards. The lectures are all really nice and everybody from all the different specialisms gets an equal approach by all the lecturers.

[00:02:02] Speaker 4 What I've done is a combination of illustrative plant motifs with the chemical structures, which is hand beaded and digital machinery. I just think when you mix and combine so many different techniques, that's when you get the exciting outcomes. There is a wide variety of machines and equipment here, that is also consistent throughout the of a specialisms in print weave and knit

[00:02:33] Speaker 5 I love working with traditional printing methods. There's loads of facilities here to allow you to do, digital printing also to print on all sorts of surfaces for both fashion and interior.

[00:02:52] Speaker 1 I have had several opportunities through BCU. I have a visual merchandising installation. I presented a marketing campaign. I also went to London Fashion Week this year, which was amazing. And again, that came about because of BCU.


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