What our Foundation students say

We're very proud of the diverse, exciting student population we have on the Foundation Year in the School of Fashion and Textiles. Every year, we welcome many students from across the UK and beyond, so who better to tell you their experience?

Below, you can find out personal stories of just a handful of our current students, finding out why they chose to join us and study a Fashion and Textiles Foundation Year.


Abbie Wells

"I’ve always wanted to study Fashion Design but I didn’t have any experience as my college didn’t offer any courses in Fashion or Textiles. I was happy to see that BCU offers a one year foundation course which gave me some time to build up my portfolio, as well as prepare myself for further studies.

During the foundation year I have learnt so many techniques including screen printing and different embroidery methods. The skills I’ve learnt on my foundation year have given me a solid base to start on the Fashion Design course in September."

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Tom Serby

"I don’t have a creative background at all, I’ve actually been working in sales. I didn’t follow the ‘natural route’ of employment – I’m here to do the foundation course for a different reason to my other course mates.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine started his own clothing brand and I decided to join him. I quit my job and applied for the foundation course with hopes of building skills in areas that would be useful for the business. The course has given me a range of different technical skills that will be beneficial for developing the clothing brand."

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Anna Maguire

"I was encouraged to do a foundation year as I didn’t have a portfolio and throughout the year I’ve gained so many skills. I love doing sketchbook work and presenting my ideas visually, something I hadn’t done before the foundation course. I’ve never liked group work before this year either, but it’s so different when everyone shares the same passion and tries their best.

We often have visiting lecturers come in too. I’m planning on continuing my studies in Fashion Design, but it’s always valuable to hear industry specialists talk about other areas, such a business or branding."

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Kajol Mardania

"There aren’t many universities that offer a foundation course in Fashion and I was encouraged by my friends and family to do one first to understand what I really like. The foundation course has really helped me to figure out the direction I want to take in the future, as well as learning soft skills to help me achieve this. I’ve learnt how to communicate in group situations and how to better manage my time.

The tutors are really helpful and make it extremely easy to get support and guidance, whatever it is you need. They make it a very friendly environment."

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Holly Layton

"I decided to join the foundation course because I knew I wanted to study fashion but I wasn’t sure which area to go into. During the foundation year I had the opportunity to try a bit of everything which has really helped me find my direction. There was a lot of independent work, something different to the style of learning at college.

In each module I was able to try a variety of approaches, from sewing to going out on shoots and working with stylists and models. The foundation year has given me a broader perspective of the industry and what I could do with my future."

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Jasmine-Shah Miah

"My foundation year benefited me by setting me up for the big jump from A-level to university, which can be really overwhelming. It gave me the opportunity to try every pathway to ensure I made the right decision in terms of picking my pathway at the end of the year.

The foundation year is more beneficial than you think, even if you think you’re sure about what course you want to be on. It gives you the opportunity to learn skills that you may not learn on your course that may come in useful. It’s also great for confirming which BA course is right for you."

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