Dr Tatiana Grieshofer (formerly Tkacukova)

Tatiana Grieshofer

Reader in Language and Law

School of English

Dr Tatiana Grieshofer (formerly Tkacukova) is Reader in Language and Law at Birmingham City University. Tatiana’s interdisciplinary research focuses on the language of the law and courtroom discourse with a specific interest on the interplay between legal and lay communication styles in courtroom settings. Her research contributes to improved understanding of how people without any legal experience present their cases in court and how self-representation impacts the role of the judiciary, court administration and the legal profession. Tatiana has held research funding from the EU Marie Curie Fellowship scheme, BA/Leverhulme and AHRC.

Tatiana’s other research interests include police interviewing techniques, deception detection, English language proficiency assessment for forensic purposes as well as experiences of vulnerable litigants/victims/witnesses and non-native English speakers with legal proceedings in England and Wales.

In her research and teaching, Tatiana builds on her prior work experience of serving as a court interpreter as well as teaching English as a Foreign Language at universities abroad. Tatiana regularly gives invited talks and participates in such external activities as teaching CPD workshops, acting as an expert evaluator of EU funded large scale collaborative projects, contributing to professional discussions (e.g. Transparency Projects) and acting as an external advisor (JUSTICE).

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