Dr Andrew Kehoe

Andrew Kehoe

Associate Professor / Director of Research

School of English

Andrew Kehoe is Director of Research in English and Director of the Research and Development Unit for English Studies (RDUES). He studied at the University of Liverpool, gaining qualifications in both English and Computer Science. He researches in the field of Corpus Linguistics: the creation and study of a collection of texts (or corpus) in order to extract new knowledge about language in use. Andrew’s particular emphasis is on the use of the web as a source of natural language data and on the development of software tools to facilitate this.

Andrew was lead developer on the WebCorp project, creating a system which has been used by hundreds of thousands of researchers and teachers worldwide, as well as the general public. He has co-edited two volumes on Corpus Linguistics, and has published a series of articles and chapters which have explored in depth the nature of web texts and the issues involved in extracting linguistic examples from them. Andrew has extensive experience in all aspects of research planning and management. For over a decade he worked on a series of externally-funded research projects. In addition to his work on the WebCorp project (EPSRC, 2000-3), he was Research Associate on the APRIL neologism project (EPSRC, 1999-2000) and SHARES document similarity project (EPSRC,2001-4).

After moving to BCU in July 2004, he was Researcher Co-investigator on the WebCorpLSE and Repulsion projects (EPSRC, 2006-8 and 2006-7 respectively) and co-author of an AHRC Knowledge Transfer Fellowship introducing WebCorpLSE to A-Level students (2009-11). He became Director of RDUES in August 2010 and has since led two Jisc-funded projects developing eMargin: a collaborative annotation tool. Intended originally for the close reading of literary texts, eMargin now has over 13,000 registered users across disciplines worldwide.

Andrew was approached by the advertising agency Grey London to work as a linguistic consultant on a product launch campaign by Procter & Gamble, manufacturer of a new range of fragrances licensed under the Puma brand. The campaign was targeted at consumers aged 14-25 and aimed to raise awareness of the new product through a social media campaign. The agency’s idea was to allow consumers to write a message to a friend, which would then be translated into a video showing dance moves related to the content of the message. Andrew’s specific task was to determine which words were likely to occur most frequently in social media communication between young people. This research fed into the Dance Dictionary website, accompanied by television advertisements across Europe. Andrew is currently exploring further opportunities for commercial engagement.

Andrew is an elected member of the executive committee of University English and the executive board of the International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English (ICAME). He led the School of English return to REF2014 and REF2021.

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