My first year experience in English Literature

We caught up with first year student Hilaal Ali to hear all about their experience of our English Literature course so far. Find out why they chose BCU and hear about what they're looking forward to in the rest of their time here.

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Why did you choose to study English Literature at BCU?

I chose to study English Literature at BCU as this university provides a plethora of modules that explore literary movements and their impacts. This course enhances my critical thinking skills and it enhances my understanding of cultures and their unique traditions.

What did you enjoy about the semester one module ‘Literature, Drama and Origin’?

Last semester, I enjoyed the literary texts in ‘Literature Drama and Origin’. For example, one of the literary texts that appealed to me was Aphra Behn’s ‘The Rover’ as this text focuses on the hypocrisy of the patriarchy towards women and it explores the restrictive ideals of female sexuality in a male dominated society.

What are you enjoying about the semester two module ‘Literature and Conflict’?

In this semester, I am really enjoying the different concepts and forms of conflict through the literary texts in this module. For example, some of literary texts in this module focus on internal conflict such as the theme of morality and individuality and some of the literary texts explore external conflicts such as religion and post-colonial theories.

What has been your favourite book you’ve read so far on the course and why?

My favourite novel so far is Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray as this novel explores the concept of morality and the rise of aestheticism in Victorian London. This novel appeals to me because Oscar Wilde’s aim in this novel is to portray a connection between morality and Dorian Gray’s unlawful acts.

What are you looking forward to on the rest of the course?

I am looking forward to reading different literary texts and learning about other literary movements and theories. For example, I am excited to explore the concept of sexuality and cultural identity in literary texts in the twentieth century and the ideals of modernity and liberation.

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