Andrea Be Herrera

Commercial Operations Analyst at Tenaris

Graduated in 2012

Former MSc Logistics student, Andrea Be Herrera, studied Industrial Engineering in her home country Mexico but decided to study her postgraduate degree in the UK. Andrea told us about her time at Birmingham City University and how her career has developed since she graduated.

What course did you choose to study and why?

MSc Logistics.

As an Industrial Engineer, I see companies trying to centralise their production in certain locations and moving goods globally. Logistics plays a big role for many global companies and the industry has a significant gap for logistics professionals.

Why did you choose BCU?

I chose BCU for its Logistics programme, as not many universities in the UK offer this programme. The reviews of past students were very positive. Plus before I enrolled as a student, I went to see the Engineering facilities. A professor took time from his busy day by giving me a tour and talked with me about the course. This made me want to study at BCU.

When you started university, did you know what you wanted to do as a career?

Yes, I wanted to join a graduate programme in a global company, preferably in manufacturing. Life took me to different positions and different countries, until I established myself in a pipe manufacturing company. The business provides pipe and services to oil and gas companies in Canada.

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Was there a particular module that sparked an interest in a topic you’d never considered before?

Yes, Resource Management. I am very happy this module included an economic side. As part of past roles, I have had to manage a few projects and resource management plays a big part.

What is your current job role?

I plan, design, produce and manage inventories of small pipe pieces for different customers in Canada. Pieces come from mills around the world such as Mexico, Colombia, Japan and Romania.

What is the most challenging aspect of your current role?

Managing inventories, calculating, re-ordering points and lead times. The oil and gas industry has been challenging over the last few years, with oil and gas producers around the world working with a very volatile forecast. This makes it very difficult to plan accurately and execute orders.

What main skill from your university days will you take with you through your life?

Socialising with people of many different backgrounds. I still keep in touch with many of my classmates. The best activities at BCU involved working in teams and learning how to integrate with people who have different skills.

How has your life changed since you have graduated?

My life is very different after university. I have rotated through different roles which have helped me grow and I now understand how a global company works. Life in Birmingham and studying at BCU broadened my horizons and made a positive impact on my professional growth.